Brown’s Canyon

A Try This Films production in association with BASH Theatre

Starring Lisa Every, Eric Jordan, Carter Rodriquez, Jenn Ruzumna, Sara Rucker Thiessen

Seattle director and screenwriter John Helde reunited with BASH Theatre producers Lisa Every and Jenn Ruzumna and created a unique independent feature film shot entirely in one house on a remote mountain near Park City, Utah.

Since 2010, John has been creating an improvisational approach to story and character in collaboration with several exceptional Seattle actors. What began as a workshop with BASH Theatre resulted in the dual short films Affairs in Order. From there, John went on to make Phoebe’s Father, a full-length feature film that features four of BASH’s members. Shot entirely in Seattle, Phoebe’s Father will debut in 2015.

In the Summer of 2014, Lisa, Jenn and John sat down and hatched plans for a new project. With casting complete, they began the improvisation process and created the new independent feature Brown’s Canyon(working title) in 2015. The project developed in much the same way as Phoebe’s Father: the actors worked through a months-long schedule of development, building up their characters layer by layer through improvisation, first alone and then with each other. From that material, John wrote the original script and Brown’s Canyon was shot in Park City this past winter. The development process involved a great deal of creativity, commitment and trust. Brown’s Canyon will be ready for release in spring of 2016.

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